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Hottest trends to watch this summer…

July 2, 2012

The weather might be blowing hot and cold this summer, but here is our guide to the hottest interior design trends this season.

Interior design trends often closely follow fashion trends, reflecting what’s hot on the catwalk. What is great about these summer trends is that they aren’t just scorchers in their own right… they all complement each other really well!
Our advice is to mix and match the trends that appeal to you to create the perfect look for your home.

Trend 1: Lace and crochet

A lacy curtain from Kathryn Leach

For a super stylish and ultra contemporary home, mix in some carefully selected pieces using textures such as lace, crochet and embroidery. From embroidered cushions, crocheted fabrics to lacy delights – there is bound to be something from this trend to tickle your fancy. Forget doyleys and grandma frills, it’s all about creating a look that’s vintage AND vibrant.

Industrial chic –

Yet again – it’s all about mixing styles! This is not a new look, but this time round it’s all about keeping it warm as well as worn, and not too clinical. Incorporate authentic and simple designs and pieces of furniture, but still retain that homely feel. They also fit really well into the more rustic and traditional style wooden and beamed conservatories, keeping that cosy and comfortable vibe with a vintage twist.

An example of embroidery and industrial chic working together from Yellow Velvet

Non Rees, our interior design expert says:

“Industrial chic is a great look that’s easier to achieve than you might think, and on any budget. If you’ve always fancied having a nose around reclamation yards to find a statement piece, then now is your chance! Old farm equipment, wine boxes, reclaimed church pews and tables all make great pieces for the home with minimum effort.

“The key is choosing the right piece. Less is usually more. So whether it’s a reclaimed fireplace, or an old travel trunk turned into a coffee table – take your time to choose the right statement piece that best suits your home.”


Trend 2: Pastels and Neon

Yellow velvet cushions

Yes we did say pastels… AND neon. And don’t panic! Neon can work. You just need to pick the right pieces and mix it carefully with a cooler pastel shade for a fun, upbeat and up to date look.

Non’s advice is:
“Choose a base of a toned-down vintage shade, such as a cool and classic grey, or a sugary feminine pink (photo) and incorporate a clever little neon accessory or two to zing it up! Combine the neutral, dulcet hues of pastels with bright and bold accent pieces to give any room a modern, energetic feel.”
Pastels and neon are hot, hot, hot! It’s all about mixing the classic and contemporary for a fresh and fun look.

Trend 3: Flower Power

Flower power in the bedroom

Flowers are big and they’re back this season, in every which way you can think of! From delicate feminine patterns, to big and bold prints.

Brown Chair Interior Design – An example of how to incorporate floral

With the inevitability of those big summer BBQs , coming back inside to bold and floral patterns can keep the outside feeling going, so kitchens and communal areas can really thrive with them! On the other hand, more understated and soft flowers can really brighten up conservatories and sungardens, by bringing the outside indoors and breathing some more life into an already bright and airy room.
“Again – it’s all about combining trends and not going OTT on one trend in particular! In a cool and crisp room full of whites or paler, muted shades, funky floral pieces – from cushions to rugs and accessories – can create a contemporary floral haven. Don’t be afraid to mix bold bouquets with softer, more romantic pieces to create the perfect look,” adds Non.

A floral print cushion from HeidiSinclair

Floral wallpaper prints are huge this season, there are some great ones out there, such as this print featuring Asian blooms from

Asian bloom wallpaper from

Trend 4: 1970s Palm Springs

M&S’s Palm Springs inspired picnic collection

This trend is bringing back the best of the seventies! All of those gorgeous bold prints and designs, but this time in modern moderation.

A funky retro and modern wallpaper design from Aimee Wilder

According to Non, this look is one of the more tricky to get right:
“There’s a fine line between blending colourful and fun 1970s elements for a modern, relaxed look and looking like an Austin Powers tribute! But there are some gorgeous pieces and wallpapers out there to help you get it right. From bright and bold Hawaiian prints, Chevrons and stripes prints, to vibrant colour clashes combinations, there are lots of ways to achieve this tropical trend.”

Trend Bible highlighting some features of the Palm Springs look

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