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Keep the kids happy this summer with their own indoor playground

July 20, 2012

We all know that everyone looks forward to the summer holidays – however, anyone with children will know that although the summer holidays also have the potential to be a disaster. With the unpredictable weather we have, plans can’t often be made in advance, which means it becomes your job to find something entertaining enough off the top of your head! However, there are ways that we can help.
When the sun isn’t shining outside, children often become restless and difficult to manage when shut inside – so why not try to bring the sunshine indoors? A conservatory (link back to Nolan website) is a great option due to the large space it provides and the natural light it lets in. Keeping them entertained in rooms that they are used to can be a little harder again, so bringing a new room into the house is a fantastic option to keep them from moaning!
1. The wide space that conservatories offer can be really useful for the adults of the house – and provide your younger residents a whole new playground!  With big windows you can play games that revolve around the outdoors; who can spot a certain type of bird first, who can see a certain flower first and the like, which can really keep the children under wraps to give you a few minutes peace.

Let the children play spotting games through the window

2. Children tend to have much broader imaginations than us adults; and that allows us to cheat to keep them happy! Helping them create a fort in a big, open space like a conservatory is a great way to keep them (and you!) on the go and entertained for however long it takes to make. Using sheets from the house and chairs as props can make a sturdy, safe and easy to dismantle fort. Using a table with chairs on the top can even offer the framework of a Tepee – giving the opportunity to be Red Indians for the day!

The inside of a fort should be comfortable enough in case of ‘siege’

3. Most children love camping; sleeping away from their beds gives them a feeling of independence and ‘danger’. A great way to make them feel like they are outside whilst keeping them safe is setting up camp in the conservatory, tent and all. Surrounded by nature, their imaginations can go wild – and you can keep an eye and make sure they are warm and safe. Not only that, but no late night phone calls to come and pick them up because they’re scared!

Safe, warm and exciting indoor camping

4. Many conservatories have either hard wood or laminate flooring, which makes them fantastic bowling alleys! Set up empty toilet paper rolls as your pins and use rolled up socks as your bowling balls – safe, free and great fun! Let the kids number them and decorate them however they want. They can paint them, colour them in, wrap them in wrapping paper; the opportunities are huge!

Simple to make, no mess bowling

5. Children have an innate understanding of how trees and plants grow; a conservatory is a fantastic opportunity to help teach them! Buy seeds, and have them grow two plants – explain that they need water, soil and sunlight, and then place one in the window where the most light comes through, and another in a dark place in the house. Have the children look after them every day, and soon enough they’ll not only be understanding about the life of plants but gaining responsibilities too.

Let the plant thrive in the light from the conservatory and help your children learn

This is just a short list of what you can do to keep the kids occupied, but if you have any ideas please share them with us; it would be great to hear from you!

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