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Get creative in your conservatory – Helpful design tips to help maximise the impact of your conservatory

July 27, 2012

Planning a new conservatory, but have no idea what to use it for? Check out some of the beautiful ways you can make the most of your conservatory space.

A conservatory is a bonus for any home and it can be used as a dining area, a quiet place to sit and everything else in between.

With advances in technology and innovative designs, conservatories can have any look or fulfil any function you desire.

Create a relaxed living room

Team a neutral palette with dark wood to create a modern, relaxed look. Add cushions and throws to bring a touch of comfort to the room. Why not display books and magazines to clearly show the space is for reading and relaxing?

   Create a stylish modern look with rattan conservatory furniture

Use colours from your garden and the outdoors to make your conservatory an all-year-round living room. Shades of green are great for adding warmth and a relaxed feel, while soft teal or duck egg blue make for a cooler feel, making your conservatory feel spacious and breezy.

    Bring the outside in by using bold wallpaper

Plan a handy home office

A conservatory is a perfect space to create an inspiring place to work with a garden view. A desk placed by the window, maximises the light coming into any size of conservatory. Keep the décor simple and neutral so it doesn’t distract you too much from the work you’re doing. If you want to add a splash of colour then look for floral or striped cushions or throws.

 This glass work desk is great for a conservatory office. It’s practical and blends in perfectly with the space

If properly designed, your home office can become a multi-functional space, an office during the day and a dining area or lounge at night. If space allows, consider a large desk that can become a dining table in the evening. Consider suitable storage where your files and laptop can be hidden away so you can use the space for relaxing once the working day is over.

Design an elegant dining room

A conservatory is a great space for creating an elegant dining area overlooking the garden. A glass dining table paired with simple cream chairs is the perfect setting for family meals or entertaining guests.

 Clean and simple, yet stylish and bold, add a glass top table to your elegant dining  room

  Incorporate large-scale bi-folding doors, perfect for sheltered, alfresco dining

If there’s space, why not add a sofa and floor lamp so once you’re finished with dinner you can read and relax? You can also add further personal touches with framed family pictures.

Build a kitchen extension

Perfect for hosting large parties, a conservatory or orangery roof can transform your kitchen into a light and spacious place to cook, dine and entertain. If size allows, a central island is a practical and attractive feature and brings pleasure to preparing food with light from every angle. It can even double as a dining table if space is at a premium.

Allow for entertaining while cooking by adding a central island to your conservatory kitchen

Don’t be afraid to use colour. It can have a dramatic effect and works great in a space filled with glorious natural light. Contrast this with neutral cupboards and floor tiles to give you a bright and welcoming space.

The colour doesn’t just have to be on the inside. With a range of coloured foils, you can really personalise your kitchen conservatory. From green that offers harmony and balance to the sophistication and power of black.

Chatwell Green orangery offers harmony and balance 

Design a family room

A bright sunroom is the ideal place for children to play during the day and adults to relax in the evening.

Patterned wallpaper teamed with toning striped fabric is an ideal choice for a family room as it prevents the space looking too formal.

Make it less formal, combine patterns with strips

Use versatile storage to hide away books, magazines and toys.

  Create some great ways to store the kids’ toys 

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  1. Shane Inman permalink
    July 31, 2012 3:04 pm

    Very Nice!

  2. January 3, 2013 9:22 am

    Nowadays modern designs of conservatories are on top of the market. Rattan is just one of the in-demand used materials as seen in many furniture designs. Decorating your living room by placing a rattan sofa makes a perfect modern look. BTW, I love the color combination of your kitchen. It’s cool and refreshing. 🙂click here

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