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What do you use your conservatory for?

August 10, 2012

For many of us, a conservatory is high up on our ‘wish list’. A room to be used all year round. A bridge between the house and garden. A calm and tranquil space that lets us shelter from the elements but allows us to enjoy (almost) being outside.

To find out more about what the extra space of a conservatory can add to a home, we decided to ask three customers about their conservatories and what they use them for:

A glass room to enjoy hobbies – Mr & Mrs Hooton

A glass room was something Mrs Hooton had always rather wished for. So when her late mother left some money, Mrs Hooton was able to go ahead with the conservatory she’d always dreamed of.

Having already had various improvements made to their home, including new windows and doors, the design of the glass room evolved.

What style of conservatory did you choose and why?

I knew that I wanted bi-fold doors, but the rest of the room was through discussion and advice from our design consultant who knew us and could interpret our requirements.

What is the biggest benefit of having a conservatory?

My eyesight is not so good these days and so I find the conservatory not only gives me the most beautiful views, but with an abundance of natural light it also allows me to enjoy my hobbies – sewing, knitting, painting and jigsaw puzzles!

Describe a typical day using your conservatory?

It’s used to relax and entertain. It’s where we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a great place to be whatever time of day.

What hints and tips would you pass onto other homeowners thinking about having a conservatory built?

Speak to your design consultant. Have clear ideas, a kind of wish list, and then take advice. We trusted our design consultant and are so glad that through the planning and building we were kept in the loop with all the likely issues, which were not presented as problems but as solutions.

A room with a view – Mr & Mrs Handley

Despite already having their lounge at the rear of the house, Mr & Mrs Handley felt it would be nice to have an additional room that had more glass so they could enjoy the garden and the views across the fields beyond.

After reading an article in ‘House Beautiful’ magazine that featured an orangery as opposed to a conservatory, Mrs Handley was impressed with the lantern style roof and featured interior down-lighting. The style of an orangery also looks more like part of the house, rather than something that was added on at a later date.

What is the best thing about having an orangery?

The biggest benefit is that we now have a room where we can relax and casually eat as a family.

Describe a typical day using your orangery?

When I get up in the morning, I always go out to the orangery and just have a quick scan around the garden through the windows. I have my breakfast in there while watching the birds eat theirs at the bird table in the garden.

As there is no TV and it’s such a quiet room, it has encouraged us to read more, so if I’m not going to work, I usually take a coffee break half way through the morning and just flick through a magazine.

We always eat our evening meal in the orangery together as a family and actually talk to each other, rather than having our dinner on a tray in the front of the TV.

What hints and tips would you pass onto other homeowners thinking about having a conservatory built?

We would thoroughly recommend an orangery. We had ours built at the same time as having an extension added to the side of the house. It is always the orangery that visitors comment on first.

As an orangery, or any style of conservatory, is a significant expense we would recommend using a well known and reliable company, with a good guarantee, rather than a smaller company that might not be around in a few years’ time.

A room for dining, relaxing and entertaining – Mr & Mrs Davies

Rather than moving to a larger property, Mr and Mrs Davies decided that by adding a new conservatory to their property it would create the extra space they needed.

The style chosen was a modern, Georgian design to closely match the overall design of the house. The white uPVC was again in keeping with the rest of the property and offered a maintenance-free solution.

What do you mainly use your conservatory for?

Space was a real issue for us before. This extra room has made a huge difference to the amount of living space we have. I use the conservatory for dining, relaxing and entertaining friends. We’ve hosted a number of social evenings for family and friends since having the conservatory. It’s also a great place to read and relax in comfort.

Describe a typical day using your conservatory?

We normally use it during early morning, before work, where we can enjoy breakfast with uninterrupted views over the garden, and again in the evenings for dining, reading and relaxing.

What hints and tips would you pass onto other homeowners thinking about having a conservatory built?

I would recommend installing a radiator as it tends to be a little chilly during the winter. Don’t scrimp and save by going for a cheaper roof; opt for a good quality glass roof.

Now you’ve heard from some of our customers, tell us what you use your conservatory for. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one yet, we’d still like to hear why you would love a conservatory.

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  1. February 13, 2013 5:35 pm

    The desire for light and the link with nature is a large reason why conservatories are really appealing. Also the ability to provide lush tropical gardens with a conservatory is very appealing and it becomes challenging to win a case for not owning one.

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