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Top 5 quick tips to improve your house ready for the bank holiday!

August 17, 2012

The 27th of August is officially our last Bank Holiday until Christmas, so we need to make the most of it. It’s goodbye summer and back to the hum-drum of working life – so how do we make it memorable? Fortunately, your friendly Nolan editorial team is, as ever, here to help.

1. Whether it is for family or friends, a get together or party is a perfect way to celebrate the closing of the summer. Our unpredictable weather puts a bit of a kibosh on any barbeque plans until the day of the event; so make sure you have a back-up plan! There’s nothing better than a conservatory as an indoor party room if you happen to be faced with a day of torrential rain.

Deck out your conservatory with home-made ornaments and have an indoor barbeque – put the grill on full whack and continue with the burgers, sausages and kebabs to bring back the summer vibe! Have the kids help make the ornaments, or maybe get their hands dirty in the kitchen mixing the burger ingredients to make it a really family-oriented day.

Get the kids to help – it makes a change from you doing all the hard work! 

2. Use your day off to make a real impact in updating your home’s style; a whole day can make a massive difference when wallpapering or painting a room. A new season means new style, but keeping modern themes around the house is a real struggle a lot of the time. Make sure you use your Bank Holiday weekend wisely!

Repainting can be a quick and relatively easy way to change the mood of a room instantly 

3. Since this is the last opportunity to have a day off for free (bar the weekends of course!), a slightly out-of-season spring clean could be in order. A good scrub down of skirting boards and windowsills is a good place to start as they can brighten up the room quickly and get you straight into the cleaning mood! Windows are a must as letting the natural light in will make any room look cleaner and more appealing; especially if it’s a feature window, such as a bay window.

It may not be spring, but don’t keep your house being clean seasonal! 

4. This could be the perfect day to go shopping for furniture and soft furnishings to update the themes in your house, especially since many shops have big sales on over bank holidays. Check out our blog post on the hottest interior trends, and use the day to find bargains to improve your home! Don’t forget to use voucher apps such as Groupon or VoucherCloud – both could offer fantastic deals for interiors stores that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Make the most of the offers and bag a bargain to bring your house back into style 

5. Gardening is vital for the end of the summer – as the weather gets colder, anything that needs the warmth of the summer is going to really struggle. It’s now the perfect time to look at growing hardy winter plants or growing indoors; cherry tomatoes grown in a bright window are a great place to start. Thin walled peppers are a great idea too, as they thrive in indoor climates. Chillies and sweet peppers are also perfect for an indoor garden. Happy planting!

Grow your tomatoes upside down as they gain weight extremely quickly; avoid broken stalks! 

Bank Holidays offer time and opportunities for far more than our five tips, but these are some of our personal favourites. We’d love for you to share your ideas so please leave us a comment!

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