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How not to improve your home? Six common mistakes people make when improving their home

September 21, 2012

So you’ve decided that over the coming months your home needs a revamp. But where do the keen home stylists amongst us fall short on doing up our pads? Whether it’s a subtle lick of paint or a complete furnishing overhaul, here are a few examples of the common mistakes people make when opting for a home refurbishment and how to avoid them.

  1.       Painting before prepping

Remember to prepare your surfaces properly before you paint. Sometimes bright colours can highlight flaws on surfaces and this can ruin the overall effect of an otherwise cheap home improvement technique. Sand the skirting boards in between coats to achieve a smooth finish. The more time you put into planning and preparation, the better the overall results.

2.       Being too personal

Many people want their homes to reflect their personalities. It can be a great way to design your home around your own needs. However, sometimes home improvements can be too personal and wipe away potential for re-selling the property. Think of a quirky light fitting or an unusual ornament that is removable instead of making drastic changes to the building of the house. Not only does it stop you losing money if the house is an investment, but it also means you can alter the decor more frequently.

3. Getting the wrong style of window

When changing windows it alters both the interior and exterior look to your home. Make sure the style fits in with the exterior architecture of the house, as this can be an expensive mistake to fix. Similarly think about the affect of the windows on the inside of each room. Choosing a design to suit both the exterior and interior will give you an obvious and classy alteration.  If you want to make your home warmer, look at double-glazing to save money on heating bills and make your house a lot more cosy!


4.       Focusing on a specific change without considering the overall impression

Collect cuttings from home interior magazines and create a mood board for your design ideas. Many home interior websites have online decorating tools where you can visually put together different home improvements. By making sure that your improvement ideas fit in with your overall design scheme, you can avoid your additions looking cheap. For instance, if you decide to change the colour of a wall, think about how different lights will alter the look of the colour. Planning is key!

5.       Not leaving enough time to complete the job

Don’t take on a huge project for your home unless you can plan the right amount of time in your schedule in advance. A home improvement can become a home mistake if the job is left unfinished for months on end and can actually cheapen the feel of your home, rather than enhance it. Proper planning ensures that the job can get finished and you can live in your home without having to manoeuvre around toolboxes!

6.       Overlooking the importance of lighting

Lighting can completely alter the mood of a room. By making small adjustments to the lighting in your property, you can give your home an interior facelift on a budget. Avoid installing bright overhead lights that give you an on-stage feeling. Make sure enough natural light is coming through the windows instead and set up layered lighting by placing a variety of lamps and dimly lit bulbs throughout your home. That way, you can add or decrease light depending on the season and save on electricity bills.

Now you’re prepared to start making the right decisions about your home improvements. Let us know how you’ve got on by sending in a picture of the results!

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