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Top 5 Gadgets for the Home

October 12, 2012

Looking to upgrade your pad this autumn? If you’re looking for something to make chores less time-consuming, or crave the latest culinary gadget, take a look at our top 5 home gadgets, picked to perfectly accommodate your hectic lifestyle.

1. Design icons for the kitchen

If you’re looking to add a little bit of creativity to your mornings and enjoy breakfast in style, then take a look at Panasonic’s design-led range of small kitchen appliances, including striking kettle, toaster and coffee maker – perfect for contemporary kitchen designs.


Give your kitchen a modern make over; available from all major retailers

The range incorporates on trend colour options to suit different style preferences and budgets in high gloss white or black. For more serious design connoisseurs, the choice of either a grey or violet glass finish provides a striking counterpoint to the seriously smooth and robust stainless steel finish.

2. Showcase your snaps this Christmas

With the digital age, most of us no longer take our films to be developed and display our photographs in albums, so many of our favourite snaps go unseen.

The NuTouch digital photo frame offers a beautiful, finger-friendly 7-inch display. The sleek, glossy black frame is complemented by an array of blue LED touch-sensitive controls, built-in stereo speakers and integrated MP3 player. The panel packs an 800 x 480 resolution, and furthermore, you’ll find 128MB of storage, a multi-card reader, internal battery, clock / calendar functions and USB connectivity.

Show off your favourite snaps with a photo frame that does a little more

3. Clean up effortlessly

Instead of the weekend becoming choc-a-block with household chores you simply can’t get done during the week, why don’t you really let the tech take over and offer a helping hand with the hovering.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are fully automatic and smart cleaners for all floor surfaces. Just pop it on the floor and leave it to do the job for you. It will scan the room, move around by itself and vacuum the floor until the entire room is finished. It will charge itself automatically and can go under beds and furniture.

LG’s HOM-BOT robotic vacuum offers a unique combination of dual cameras (upper and lower), ultrasonic and infrared sensors to allow it to find its way into every part of a room. It also boasts a super slim height of just over 3.5 inches.

Samsung’s NaviBot can clean your home without you having to lift a finger. On board cameras help it navigate around your home in the quickest way, picking up dirt and dust as it goes.

So now you don’t have to think about vacuuming, you can spend time doing other things.

4. Become a culinary genius

If you’re looking for a gadget to organise and enrich your time in the kitchen, then the QooQ splash-proof cooking tablet, available in the UK later this year, could be one for your Christmas wish list.

It has been exclusively designed for the kitchen, so no more printed recipes that fall foul of having ingredients or wine spilt on them while you’re preparing your culinary masterpiece. Instead you can access thousands of recipes and step by step video cooking tutorials via the tablets 10.1 inch screen.

 Cooking at your fingertips

The water-resistant design means it can be wiped clean with a cloth if you get water, oil or other food on the screen while looking up a recipe.

It also features a handful of apps including Facebook and YouTube, and an internet radio app. There’s also a web browser and connection for external storage so you can use it as a digital photo frame.

5. Reinvigorate the senses

If you like aromatherapy but don’t like the idea of leaving a candle burning while you drift off, then the Aroma Diffuser from Muji is a must. New for 2012 is the Extra Large Aroma Diffuser, which uses ultrasonic waves to quietly disperse a soft fragrance throughout the room.

Perfect for spacious living rooms, the Aroma Diffuser can continue to infuse a fragrance for up to 180 minutes. So whether you are looking for relaxation during reading, an ambient decoration before a dinner party or stimulation for the senses during work or study, the simple design will match any interior and help to naturally restore balance to a busy and hectic lifestyle.

Stimulate the senses


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