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Five things that can instantly repel house buyers

October 26, 2012

We are living through one of the toughest times in recent history when it comes to selling your home. Purse-strings are staying very tight, and increasing amounts of people are choosing to sit tight. Yet, with a few of our inexpensive and quick tips, we can help you avoid repelling house buyers and boost your chances of selling your home for the best possible asking price.

1) Poor exterior landscaping – The outside of your home is the first impression that a potential house buyer will see. So firstly, make sure the lawn is mowed and the edges are neatly finished with a strimmer. If you have a driveway, ensure that there are no weeds growing through the slabs and that it is clean, with no oil leaks etc. Also, a few brightly potted plants can increase the welcoming feel of your home.


Overgrown lawns make the home seem poorly kept.

2) Distinct odours – Some houses will have a distinct odour that will immediately put off potential buyers. This is a tough one to judge, as you will have lived in the home and typically may be unaware of such a smell. Therefore, asking friends and family and carefully examining their reactions will probably help you find the answer. Either way, this can easily be remedied by placing some fairly neutral air fresheners around the house and opening the windows in the build-up to any viewings.

A plug-in air freshener will combat any stale smells.

3) Dimly lit houses – Any home will seem unwelcoming and cold if rooms are dark. Make sure that all curtains and blinds are open and every light is on for all viewings. This gives the home a warmer feel and also adds size to a room.

4) Too much carpet! – Exposed natural wood floor boards can look very chic and stylish and are very popular. Check below carpets of living rooms and hallways, as often, the potential of many homes is hidden underneath an old, aged carpet that actually de-values the property.

Stylish exposed wood flooring can be covered by old carpets

5) Be overly critical – This is perhaps the most important point of all. You have to look at your home as if through somebody else’s eyes. Assume that the small crack on the wall behind the TV will be noticed by a potential buyer. Assume that the small marks on the carpet in the front bedroom will be judged. Assume every imperfection will be noted and try to amend it. With this attitude, you stand the best chance of achieving your desired asking price.

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