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What are this year’s winter trends? Advice from Non Rees

November 2, 2012

The dark and cold weather during the winter season often makes home interiors look gloomy. We’ve got the latest advice from our design consultant Non Rees about the stylish trends that will make your home feel cosier this winter.

Hi Non, what do you think are the key home interiors trends to look out for this winter?

A lot of home interior designs are celebrating the natural, earthly look, which give homes a rustic and warming ambiance.  Think of country or farm houses with antique items and a wood-burning stove or cosy fire in the living room. In retail outlets we are likely to see a variety of raw and exposed materials such as wooden interiors, textured materials and earthly colours.

The theme is all about creating classic British home comforts and setting the perfect scene for sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea. Unique and one-off items always give a room a certain personality. Adding an eclectic lamp or ornament goes well with the rustic theme, as it fills space and makes the room more homely.

Wall decor is always a good option to enhance the atmosphere of the areas where you entertain guests such as the living room or kitchen. Charity shops occasionally have some vintage, interesting pieces but a lot of well-known retailers are selling home accessories that tie in with the rustic theme.

Antique Elm coffee table from Idyll Home

The winter season will also see a return of 1920s glamour, along with the rise of popular period dramas and films like Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. To achieve the ‘Great Gatsby’ glamour look, opt for plush cushions to add a classy touch to your sofas, or decorate with a throw made out of rich textures, such as velvet.

 The decadent theme works particularly well in dining rooms. Don’t hold back on dressing up your dinner table. Runners and candles in bold colours such as teal, gold and silver will add an opulent feel to the room. You can also add classy details by buying jewelled or decorative door knobs, or by adding a chandelier to give a warm, but delicate light to the room. Lamps dotted around the room will make the lighting less harsh and give a welcoming atmosphere to your home.

Silver Beaded Cushion, £25, John Lewis

Oriental designs are also popular for winter with many brands including Eastern influences in their designs.  If you prefer to go for more modern designs for your home, this trend is a brilliant way to use modern, minimal designs but still create a relaxing atmosphere.

Reds and yellows are good colours to use for a statement wall or an individual item of furniture to keep the colour scheme warm. Oriental floral patterns are key for this theme, so opt for curtains or rugs with elaborate designs or patterns on them. Remember not to overdo the patterns in your room, as this theme is all about minimal styles.

Mix different shades of grey, white or cream together to achieve the Eastern look. Furniture will contain a lot of straight lines and metallic touches. Ideas to incorporate this theme in a bedroom might include using silk or satin bed linen, as these materials look great in paler colours and work well with Eastern aesthetics. Bird or animal designs work well with the theme, and trinket boxes or ornaments of this kind are very much in fashion in bigger retailers at the moment.

Decorative bird ornament from John Lewis, £8

What home interiors trends will you be following this winter? Feel free to leave your comments!

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