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Guest-proofing your home this Christmas

November 28, 2012

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to ensure your house is ready for all those visits from family and friends.

Whether you’re just having some close family members round or hosting a glamorous dinner party, your home needs to be fully prepped whatever the occasion. After all, if you’re going to put all that effort into the menu, surely you should do the same to your home? We’ve prepared a few simple tips to get your home party ready!


Firstly, check your home – is it safe or does it need a health and safety face lift? Chances are you’ll probably find something in your house that’s unsafe. It could be uneven tiles, an unsteady stair banister or loose wires. All of these are potential hazards and possible party stoppers. The last thing you want is a close friend having an accident and your party being remembered for all the wrong reasons.

This is especially true if you have children visiting. To a child, an unfamiliar home is like a new playground – everything is a new toy to be explored. So, to put yourself and your guests at ease, make sure all dangerous objects are removed out of the reach of curious hands. Next, check all cupboards and drawers are working. Now is the perfect time to do some quick DIY if there’s an unsteady or damaged handle. It may also be worth investing in corner covers to protect anyone from hurting themselves if you have sharp corners on furniture.


Once you’ve given your home a full health and safety inspection, give it a good clean. De-cluttering can be a great way of making a home look more spacious. Adding a few mirrors around the house will also make your home appear instantly bigger. When giving your home a good clean, it’s important to focus on your guest bathroom too. People often pass judgements on the state of someone’s bathroom so don’t give them the opportunity to say anything negative about yours. A little tip… Once you’ve finished cleaning thoroughly, add some candles and flowers to make sure it smells clean and fresh.


Now we all know when guests arrive that one of the first things which can cause mess is unclean shoes. Asking people to remove their shoes can be a tricky situation as some guests may feel uncomfortable doing this. Therefore, to avoid making visitors feel uncomfortable, make sure you leave a mat outside. Mats with bristles work best as they will help remove any dirt from shoes. But, if you’re still extremely nervous about muddy shoes on your clean carpets then it may be time to invest in an inexpensive rug. Think how thankful you will be when there are no muddy shoe stains, or worse, red wine stains at the end of the night.


When it comes to the actual night of the party, it’s important to consider a few ‘must have’ items. Stock up on the napkins and towels in case there are any emergency spills. Stain remover is also a must for any dinner party. So many people have been caught out by a tipped glass which can ruin all of your hard work preparing and cleaning your home. There are some great products on the market that can instantly get rid of stains with minimal effort.


By following these simple tips, you will be fully prepared for hosting a get together and can enjoy your party. It’s important that your guests see you relaxed too. After all, what guest is going to enjoy themselves if their host is on edge the whole night?! As they say, ‘preparation is key.’

Do you have any suggestions for guest-proofing your home? If so, let us know.

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