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Finishing touches – Personalising your new home

December 13, 2012

Each home has a story to tell, and whether you’ve just moved into a new build property or a character cottage, personalising your space is the only way to really feel at home in your home!

Your home is your most personal possession. Here are some affordable ideas on how to personalise your space and put your individual stamp on it.

In the frame

Nothing portrays your individuality as much as your pictures. Invest in good-looking photo frames and put up an assortment of family photos on a wall or on table tops. You can even arrange them as a family tree. Hallways and stairways offer a lot of space to display pictures. You can even use digital frames or print them onto canvas.

Instead of dozens of single-picture frames, purchase a large, multi-slot frame and encapsulate all your loved ones into one big family collage.

window frame.jpg nolan 1

Vintage Wooden Window Picture Frame Shabby Chic Style

For something truly unique, use items like an old window, shadowbox or glass-topped table to display your favourite photos.

Display your hobbies

Do you have a collection you would like to show off? A hobby or travel memorabilia you would like to share with visitors? Gather these items together and arrange your favourites in small groups of various sized pieces.  Whether it’s the quilt you’re stitching, your music stand, or a painting in progress, display your interests in a place where everyone can see them.

Soft furnishings

Rugs and runners are a great way to personalise any home. They show your particular taste and they can also complement your surrounding furniture. Instead of placing your dining table on the carpet or wooden flooring, why not place a full length rug underneath, the result will be much more striking and make more of a visual impact.

Blinds are a great way to create warmth and privacy, but why not complement them by putting up feature curtains in a choice of fabric and colour that reflects your personality and likes. Combing blinds and curtains really does create a homely feel and you can close the blinds in the evening, while leaving the curtains open to create a stunning window display.

Soft furnishings.jpg nolan 2

Curtains, blinds and soft furnishings

An easy way to spread colour and really personalise your home is to pile on some pretty pillows. Mix, don’t match throw pillows in the same colours for a fresh and lively look that has a lot of impact without being expensive. Warm colours and natural fabrics are great in the winter.

From the outside in

It’s just as important to add a touch of your personality to the outside of your home as it is inside. Most properties will have a house number, but why don’t you give it a name and welcome guests with a personalised house sign.

House sign.jpg nolan

 Create your own personalised house sign

If you love gardening or you’re a nature lover, enhance the entrance to your home with your favourite plants. Bay and box (buxus) trees positioned either side of your front door will create a very welcoming entrance. You can continue to decorate your home inside with plants and flowers in colours that reflect your personality and likes. You can even spruce up potted plants by adding personal mementoes to the exteriors of the pots from seashells you found on the beach to the ticket from your favourite film.

Light and scent

candles.jpg nolan

Enhance any home

A simple and inexpensive way to make your house feel like a home is to light a handful of small candles and place them throughout the room. The flickering light will bring movement to the room and give off a comforting glow – great for an empty window sill. Just be careful not to place them too close to flammable fabrics or leave unattended.

Add fragranced candles or reed diffusers with your favourite scent or why not encapsulate the time of year – cinnamon and spiced fragrances are great for winter and Christmastime.

How have you personalised your home? Share your comments on what personalised items you have that bring life and your personality to your home.

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